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Mindset Training #5


In our contemporary world, we often find ourselves caught in the trap of measuring our success against that of our peers or the carefully curated images we encounter on social media. Without deliberate intention, our subconscious minds engage in constant comparisons with the world around us. Self-transcendence philosophy, however, suggests that true fulfillment is not rooted in outdoing others, imitating their paths, or constantly juxtaposing ourselves against them. Instead, it lies in the ongoing journey of surpassing our current selves, aspiring to something higher. To quote the spiritual teacher and ultramarathoner Sri Chimnoy, "Perfection, which is satisfaction, is nothing short of constant self-transcendence."


Incorporating self-transcendence as a mindset means continually striving for higher ground. We don't halt our progress when we achieve a particular goal or attain a certain material status. True fulfillment arises from wholehearted engagement, operating at maximum capacity, and pursuing loftier objectives in a bid to surpass our prior accomplishments and capabilities. We persistently challenge the complacency that dwells within us—the inclination to remain idle or content once a goal is achieved. Our response is resolute: "No, not enough." We forge ahead toward the next aspiration.



When we contemplate the term "transcend" or envision the sensation of "self-transcendence," we often conjure images of ourselves at some future point where we anticipate achieving enduring contentment.

Typically, we envisage a forthcoming material moment that promises to render us a sense of "having made it" and the ability to "finally unwind." We anticipate experiencing a perpetual sensation of accomplishment, perhaps upon acquiring our dream car, securing our first home, exploring the world, or attaining fame.

I am not immune to these materialistic illusions of fulfillment, and I've had the privilege of living many of these sought-after moments I once believed would usher in tranquility and contentment. Fortunately, it's not as straightforward as it seems...

Amidst the journey of establishing a company, it is incredibly easy to lose sight of the original vision and become entangled in notions of material prosperity and external validation. The antidote to this lies within the philosophy of self-transcendence.

The paradox of self-transcendence is that it is not a directional path upward or forward; rather, it is an inward journey. Once I reframed this concept, my focus effortlessly shifted towards nurturing the evolution of my dream brand.

Amidst the taxing trials of building a business, there were moments when I ceased viewing the process as merely a means to an end goal. Instead, I recognized that the protracted hours and relentless pressure were what I genuinely cherished. I realized that self-transcendence was not an isolated moment or destination; it was a shift in perspective.

My firm belief now is that we can uncover daily fulfillment within the process of subjecting ourselves to progressively challenging trials, perpetually striving to outperform our prior selves. Fulfillment emerges from fully embracing life's journey.

We can choose to perceive life's inevitable challenges as burdens or blessings. In the end, our reactions to these challenges, rather than the challenges themselves, shape our lives.

Taking this belief to heart, I strive to structure my life in a manner that brims with challenges, thus continually honing this mindset. If challenges are inescapable, I would rather actively seek them out and learn from them. Challenges become our teachers, offering numerous opportunities to transform our reactions.

In shaping our company culture, my aspiration is to assemble a team propelled by passion and a yearning for progress. Our focus isn't solely on the pace of our bottom-line growth but on the extent of our personal growth throughout the journey.

At any stage of the company's evolution, it would be tempting to throw in the towel, convince myself that I lack the qualifications for the tasks at hand, and either hire seasoned executives or exit the scene with financial gains. However, I derive immense value and fulfillment from the daily struggle of tackling tasks for which I am, quite literally, "unqualified." We should perpetually find ourselves in situations where we are "unqualified" because it signifies our commitment to learning something new. I always aim to challenge myself beyond my current capabilities; otherwise, what's the purpose?

Growth is synonymous with adaptation. It entails pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, expanding our abilities, and discovering our path through the process. This journey calls for honesty and humility; what lies beyond our comfort zone may be effortless for someone else. Nevertheless, if we pledge ourselves to confront discomfort daily, our potential for growth knows no bounds.


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